Best Ryokans with Garden

Staying at a ryokan is a wonderful experience. Some ryokans feature hot springs baths, some will be popular for quality of their cuisine and finally some ryokans are well-known for their garden. Here is a shortlist of our favorite ryokans with garden.


Located near between Hiroshima and Miyajima; this Luxurious Ryokan has 10 Japanese-style rooms, and each room has its own private bath and toilet. Sekitei is located in a residential area with a view of Miyajima in the distance. This ryokan is surrounded by a beautiful Japanese garden as well. Sekitei is known for it delicious Japanese-style cuisine. There are both indoor and outdoor hot spring baths for women and men (same gender only), and the baths are also open 24 hours a day. Check-in time is after 16:00 and check-out time is before 10:00 am. Parking is available.

Japanese Garden at Sekitei

Daimaru Besso

This Traditional Ryokan was established in 1865. Daimaru Besso has 3 different buildings, the Taishotei a 2 story building, the Heiantei which has four stories and the Showatei that has only one floor. All the rooms in the Taishotei have a view on the Japanese garden; other rooms have a view on the Japanese nature. Daimaru Besso has 40 rooms, and all of them have their own private bathroom. There are 2 family bathes that can be reserved for private use. Guests will be served meals in the dinning room. Daimaru Besso recommends you to try their four season Kaiseki for dinner.

Garden at Daimaru Besso

Arai Ryokan

Arai Ryokan was built in 1872, and it embodies traditional Japanese style with its Japanese gardens, tatami mat rooms, and fine woodwork. There are 25 Japanese style guest rooms located in various private cottages at Arai Ryokan. A wooden bridge leads to the guest rooms, and the rooms themselves overlook either the Katsura River or the courtyard with its large pond full of carp. Arai Ryokan’s cavelike bathhouse was built in 1933, and thick cypress pillars together with massive rocks surround its many hot spring pools. There are both indoor and outdoor shared hot spring baths as well as private hot spring baths in some of the guest rooms. Furthermore, there are saunas and a “Family Bath” that can be reserved for private use. Arai Ryokan has a teahouse set in a orchard of 3,000 plum trees, and from there a wonderful view of Mount Fuji is available. Arai Ryokan serves traditional, formal Japanese cuisine in the privacy of each of the guest rooms. Check-time is after 15:00 and check-out time is before 11:00am. Parking is available, and English is spoken.

Japanese Garden of Arai Ryokan


The highlight of Kankaso is its gorgeous Japanese garden. Kankaso is a ryokan with garden conveniently located, close to Nara’s world-famous Todaiji Temple. The staff at Kankaso try to make their guests feel comfortable and relaxed. All 10 guest rooms are traditional Japanese style, and there are 2 large baths for the guests to enjoy. One of the baths is a “family bath” where families can bathe in private if it is not occupied. Meals are served either in the dining area or in the privacy of Kankaso’s guest rooms. Check-in time is after 15:00 and check-out time is before 10:00am. Limited parking is available.

Garden at Kankaso